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 EarthCare Cleaning is an earth friendly, sustainable, non toxic cleaning company.  All the products I make myself, and take pride that they do not disrupt the ecosystem of your home.  To have a healthy home, you need a healthy ecosystem.  When you use harsh products for example, bleach and antibacterial products, you kill off the good bacteria that keep you and your family healthy.  You wouldn’t want to over do antibiotics in your body and the same principle applies to your home.  Homes are living organisms in themselves and I aim to care for them with love and products that protect, not hurt.

My name is Lulu!

I am an energetic, single mom of two amazing children.  I am passionate about healthy living in all areas, home care, food and stress management. 

I started earth friendly cleaning many years ago when my children were little.  I noticed every time I used bleach, my sinuses would burn and I would feel sick for hours after.  If that would do that to me, that had to be doing that to my children.

So, I did a lot of research, and discovered how to make earth friendly products leaving your home’s ecosystem undisrupted and your family healthier. 


I am extremely passionate about stress management as well. With the cleaning services I offer, I aim to decrease stress for you and your family.  I want you to be able to come home, have that relaxing feeling, and have home cleaning taken off your plate.

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